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A HUSBAND who found himself on Tinder during a "lonely night" alone was left horrified - after stumbling upon his wife while swiping. " Other Reddit users were both confused and amused by his situation, with jokes including: "You guys seem like a good match," and: "They're soulmates they were always meant to be." However, others didn't buy into his story that he "didn't have any intentions" when re-downloading Tinder.Writing on Reddit's Relationship Advice forum, the man asked for help on how to handle the awkward situation. One person wrote: "So you download Tinder twice on two separate business trips because you were 'bored'. "Been married for years and haven't once had the urge to download Tinder 'because bored'." Another asked: "Did it ever occur to you that she has suspected you were back on Tinder, and swiped on you to see how often you use the app?My mind wanders, thinking what else could be out there for me. But I don't read anything that is especially troublesome or insurmountable. You guys need to pack up the kids to a relative and go on a cruise. One night a week, get a baby sitter and go on a date. We go to ball games, plays, drives in the mountains, shopping, movies, out to eat, or just send the kids somewhere and have a wild sexy time at home.I think, well, I am still relatively young (30), attractive, somewhat accomplished, smart, likeable ... This relationship is not meeting my needs or expectations. Sounds like you need to speak to a sound and responsible professional. Start talking and try having some adventures together. Remember though, nothing changes if YOU don't make it happen.I haven't had an orgasm with him in at least four months.I have started thinking about having sex with someone else. The problems you face are common--the stress of work and family take their toll.Wow this sounds similar to my life except my wife and I do go places and do things (just usually with 4 year old in tow).

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Of just accepting things as they are and living a life largely emotionally and physically independent of my husband for the sake of the children? We have no major money problems and, from all appearances, things look rather ideal. This left me alone when I came home from work to care for one - then two - children singlehandedly. My life became simply going to work in the morning to do one job, then coming home in the evening to begin my second shift all by myself. He'd spend time trying to work on a household project or something, and I would end up reading a can I spend the rest of my projected life span like this? Not communicating and being alone with bad thoughts is the worst thing you can do short of acting out on the bad thoughts.Then, on the other hand, I fiercely love my husband, even though I am feeling increasingly less in love with him. I feel like I've been banging my head against the wall for years, with no results. You guys just need to rediscover why you fell in love in the first place.We have spent, maybe, two hours alone this year so far.I no longer try to arrange for babysitting or plan anything for us to do.

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