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Nevertheless, authors SHOULD seek to anticipate any potentially-disruptive input; for example, any HTML markup could be stripped.Standards to be applied to the development of software associated with dynamic webpages are assumed to derive from existing PSS05 or equivalent standards where appropriate, and are outside the scope of this document.This validator can process documents written in most markup languages.Supported document types include the HTML and XHTML, Math ML, SMIL and SVG.Authors SHOULD NOT use constructs which make assumptions (explicit or otherwise) about a reader's settings.Examples to be avoided are full-screen tables or divider GIFs whose size is expressed in pixels.

Note that this implies that authors setting a text colour MUST also set the corresponding background, and vice versa.These Web Authoring standards should be seen as complementary to the HTML Markup standards published by W3C.These standards shall apply to all webpages created to be accessible to the general public, except as follows: Professional Web developers working for or on behalf of any organisation whose business is not the Web itself (i.e.HTML constructs which render a document difficult to read due to known defects in popular browsers SHOULD be avoided, regardless of the construct's validity in strict HTML.All of the guidelines in this section are advisory.

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anyone working in an environment where you might reasonably be expected to know more than your Employer or Client).

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