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Here is the tutorial on how you can parental control your kids on i Phone/i Pad.

You are able to monitor as well as take control of their devices.

This image can be edited by any photo editing software for ease of use Microsoft Paint is used in this example.

In this video tutorial you'll see how to get to it.To find these, just open up the Mac finder and the devices on the computer will show up with their icons.This can make things easier if you are having trouble moving things around. Need to adjust your microphone's input volume using the Realtek Sound Manager but aren't sure how?Now insert your operating system CD, don't let it run, restart your computer again and keep tapping f8. You can easily lock any folder on your Windows computer with a simple Notepad hack.When the set up page is displayed, press 'enter' to set up Windows XP. By creating a batch file, you can hide a folder and require a password be entered before it becomes visible and accessible.

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