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Chicks more interested at that point in the big striper they have, so RIchmond leaves with his fish again. Almost immediately after delivering the black plastic, Richmond goes out and returns with a teal-colored rag the size of a towel or small blanket.

Brought briefly by the nest, much reduced, at 0928. Back to the nest, back to the cable, then to the rail..drops the fish! RIchmond was seen flying by with a huge striper an hour earlier, likely it was this one. Fish goes to VU while VW is still working the remains of the prior fish. More feeding, then fish taken away to the cable 0910. Richmond returns once more to feed Rosie and the chicks. The other way is to register a new mylivechat account for your client.Our easy-to-use Referral Partner portal, simple commission structure, and automated monthly payments, make it the easiest program in the industry for referring leads and being rewarded for your effort.Richmond brings a pathetically tiny half a fish to where Rosie waits on the nest, followed immediately by an agressive pass over the nest from an interloper Osprey. Richmond on the back rail with a very large lively fish. R&R fend off the intruder, and Richmond leaves with his fish. He holds it on the rail munching periodically until 1857, then brings it to the nest.

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