Leo dating scorpio

This is a complicated relationship between two strong personalities with an incredible sex drive.

There is rarely a compromise between the positive, constructive approach of Leo and the often negative, sensitive approach of Scorpio, especially when none of them is exactly true.

These partners can seem as if they’ve crashed into each other with no plan or purpose.

If they are attracted to each other, this could drive them mad, for none of them will be able to realize their desires in a wanted way.

In a way, Scorpio likes to be tied through negative emotions, for love sometimes has to hurt, and Leo sticks with their decisions because they rarely accept that they might have been wrong.

This relationship can become a very difficult circle of suffering for both partners, especially if any one of them doesn’t have their independent life, friends and finances.

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That is if they both want to be open for this kind of relationship in the first place.

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