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I remember how special I felt meeting and learning from my idols when I was a little girl, so I try to always impact their experiences the same way.Kelli and Kyle met through a mutual friend in 2016.Take as many dance classes as you can because as a DCC, you need to be able to pick up a lot of choreography- of varying styles- quickly!

- Live music, cupping, acupuncture, cryo facials, bodywork, chiropractic, movement, and energy work.

I was a competitive dancer growing up, a dance major at Skidmore College in New York, and a former Texas Legends Dancer, Dallas Mavericks Dancer, and Allen American Ice Angel.

Absolutely believe in yourself, and then over-prepare!

Once you have prepared well, it will give you the confidence to come into auditions ready to shine! Being A DCC is even better than I could have imagined, which is saying a lot!

I love this organization, and if I had to pick a favorite part, it has to be getting to visit with the fans, especially the sweet little fans that come dressed up like DCC.

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I love that quote, “Be so good they can’t ignore you” because that sums up the kind of preparation you need.

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