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She destroyed a marriage and there were kids involved!! Before she stole my boyfriend, she ruined a marriage in her last relationship with one of her friends husbands. When she’s not stealing boyfriends, she likes to spend her time fat and slut shaming other woman, shit talking and making racial slurs. She broke up my marriage sleeping in my bed with my husband while my children were in their room and I was out of town.

But really behind close doors she sucking and f*cking everything on the block. She banged my husband and contributed to breaking up a 15 year marriage, leaving two kids heart broken. My husband of 5 years (together 10 years) & father to our 3 y/o son hit rock bottom. She knew all along he was married with a 2 y/o baby at home but chased gim for a year. Has calculus build up on her top teeth so thick it looks like one solid tooth. After 10 years, somehow she and my husband managed to go away together, go on dates, chat on secret messaging apps, like Wickr, and steal my husband. I have opened my home to this woman in her times of need and this is what I get.

When I had to the opportunity to talk with her she says, “but your husband loves you & your son; you two were off limits to discuss.” Once my husband got ratted out & ceased contact with Diana, this lonely B starts harassing me & taunting me with pictures of my 2 y/o son! Always preaching about being a strong woman and being supportive of other women, lifting others.. You can’t be a woman of God, a strong independent woman, a good role model for your children and a side chick.

Interracial Dating | Black Dating | Asian Dating | Dating Agency Interracial Dating - Black Dating, Asian Dating.

Doesn’t care about tearing families apart and goes out of her way to pursue people to achieve better in her career. She’s down to f any guy, doesn’t matter if he looks like Quasimoto as long as she gets high, she’s down everytime.

Her track record shows that she favors men in serious relationships.

She always claims to be the victim when the reality is she is the guilty person that shows no remorse or accountability.

She will claim you to be the best friend she ever had, only to stab you in the back when the time is right for her to do so.

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