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I lived in Ohio for several years with an ex (who is black and Arab), and we lived here for about 2 years, we never had any negative experiences in DC like we did in ohio.particularly in restaurants, in Ohio, we’d often get stares and sometimes comments from entire tables but here no one seemed to give a crap. a couple of years ago I was at a restaurant in NJ where my girl friend and I actually had trouble getting a table – they actually tried to refuse us.I see interracial relationships in DC proper on a weekly basis. We don't seek to live you, dress like you, date you, party with you or socialize with you. Black people in DC particularly those that were born here are incredibly independent and we live life the way that we You're wasting your time trying to explain this cultural difference to some posters.The fact remains that there are very few White - Black interracial couples in DC when compared to places like Seattle, Phoenix, LA, The Bay area, Portland, Denver etc......Commenter Frenchie posted a suggestion that we run an experiment with black-white couples holding hands in different D. On her blog, Frenchie has written on about street harassment she’s experienced when walking around D.

Black people are the largest non-White group in the DC metro area. People generally marry and date people in the same socio-economic class as well as the same culture.Therefore, they are unlikely to mate with or even associate with people outside of that ghetto culture and lower class. Blacks being poor is your excuse as to why Black guys aren't running after basic looking white chicks, like in L. Even U street was a majority black area where whites would not venture because they assume it unsafe, blacks in DC did not go around trying to prove to whites how cool an area U Street was, again we simply did not care.There are hundreds of other examples^^ 1000 Well said...again I'm warning you not to waste your valuable time trying to explain how our culture really works.So, start dating interracially in Washington and take your partner to these places.Last week, we wrote about the rise of interracial marriage and asked how tolerant D. Admittedly, these stories can’t fully capture every experience, but they do provide some insights into what life is like for interracial couples in D. If you’d like to share your story, contribute by posting a comment below. We haven’t been in DC that long, but most places we’ve been, we are pretty comfortable in public…Commenter Not Square, a white woman in D. dating a black man, writes that she’s learned to “tune out” the stares she receives, “but I find anywhere I go people, even people close to me make the ‘color’ jokes in regards to my relationship.” Riotsnotdiets writes that she still gets plenty of odd looks from passersby: I’m a white woman dating a black man in DC, and I was completely shocked when we started dating at how many stares, glares, shaking heads, and sometimes even comments we get when we’re walking together in DC.

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