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Try it risk-free Impression management is the effort to control or influence other people's perceptions.

This could be their perception of a certain person (including you), a material possession or an event.

The instrumental motive includes what we have already mentioned: the desire for increased self-esteem.

The fundamental meaning of instrumental motivation is the gaining of rewards.

Maybe that is why she has been trying many products lately and praising them to customers.

Besides seeking a raise, a person could be looking for acceptance, respect, more friends, etc.

So, when we try to manage perceptions to get something back from another person, we are motivated by instrumental purposes.

An expressive motive comes down to wanting to be in charge of one's personal behavior and identity.

We discuss the implications of these findings for improving the design of online dating systems.

TY - GENT1 - Impression management through communication in online dating AU - Zytko, Doug AU - Grandhi, Sukeshini A.

The theory goes on to explain that we try to make the perception consistent with our goals.

For example, a girl who only shares good things about her boyfriend to her parents may be trying to present him as a good catch so they can stay together.

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