Importance of dating in relations

So if the husband has a well-trained relationship ear, he may decode the sentence to be something like “you are unreliable since you have forgotten to refill the sugar jar,” and he might retort with something like, “Well you are not very reliable, you still haven’t fixed the light in the kitchen! Things unravel quickly when we are not hearing each other.

Your interpretation may be that the date (or you) doesn’t mean a great deal to him or that something else was more important.

Although this seems simple in theory, as you can imagine a lot happens in between and no message is ever decoded without bias.

There is never the same emphasis put on each of the four facets, and the emphasis can be meant and understood differently.

In order to engage in healthy communication, we need to be aware of the four facets.

So the next time you feel questioned, go back to the original statement and think about the four facets. Focus on the actual facts of the message and use questions to clarify whether you understood what the other person was trying to tell you.

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We love connecting with other people because it makes us happy—good communication is the key when it comes to positive social interaction. Read on for a summary of some important models and theories in the field of communication.

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