Immature men dating mature women

We women can’t help it no matter how mature we get we will always end up day dreaming about something. We are sensitive creatures and we sometimes need an escape from the world’s trivia.A mature woman wont take her relationship for granted and she knows it’s a two way ride and she is more than happy to work and make it better.Nobody wants to plan a future with someone who doesn’t have a future planned for themselves.

What I find to be some sort of epidemic these days is otherwise seemingly mature and well-adjusted men have stuck to the dating habits they learned in their early 20’s, or maybe even late teens.She knows that love isn’t a onetime thing but she deals with every relationship as if it were a onetime thing.She has beautiful words to speak but she believes in making words a reality.She is realistic and doesn’t believe that things should be sugar coated.She has the ability to deliver her side of the argument in a mannerly fashion that would be least offensive.

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  1. He knows me, the sex is off the chain." And I told her it’s because she’s so relaxed with him. And it’s just a beautiful relationship at an older age. You never know what’s going to happen around the corner, you never know what’s going to resurface. The nerd in high school turns out to be Brad Pitt in real life.