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Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.Hear me out on this, you can stop by their cafeteria before your adventure and get a wide range of food from salad to cake to meatballs to salmon (etc.).Also I would think it better to do the furniture thing first and then talk about it afterward in a nice restaurant with some decent ambience.But for many people, they may already have homes and furniture, and so it'd kind of be a waste of time shopping around talking about dream homes since they could've just talked about this stuff first and realized it's not something they need to do at all.However, little had it anticipated that 'being different' would entail congregation of as many as 700 senior persons at its restaurant for dating purposes!What normally would have been good business for the restaurant became an unexpected management challenge as the dating seniors only partook of free coffee, which came along with their IKEA family card.

Personally, my dating philosophy has always been you should be friends with the person for a month or two at least before you date, so you should have a general idea about that already.

You can bring up the idea of a large house and a tiny house to see what sorts of values they prioritize.

TL; DR you learn the values of your partner through their dream house.

I was unaware of how sparse they were prior to this, but I still think that the date idea is optimal, even if not everyone can go on it.

It's fun, unorthodox, you can challenge yourself to build something together or compete to see who's faster if you're that type of person.

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