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Having variety shows women you have a dynamic personality, and will help you stand out from the crowd.

Second, make sure you have a least one good headshot picture mixed in.

Bonnie is the only one who ever thinks about dating outside the group. More The Vampire Diaries #57 of 765 on The Best TV Shows to Binge Watch #26 of 185 on The Greatest TV Shows for Women #11 of 79 on The Best Teen Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Series #92 of 300 on The Best Cult TV Shows of All Time together, the same cannot be said for their other three buddies.

Robin dates Ted, then Barney, then hooks up with Ted, then marries Barney, then finally ends up with Ted and they get their (un)happily ever after.

But for every Monica and Chandler, there's a TV pairing with no sexual chemistry whatsoever. Just think about how Izzie and George from got together. Fictional TV friends who end up dating is not an uncommon trope – some of the greatest shows ever employed it successfully.

Problems only ensue when it becomes so overused it starts to give you a headache.

To be fair, some onscreen hookups resulted in the best TV couples.

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In the real world, dating someone from your friend group can easily end in disaster.

Your Description The next part of your hook up dating app profile is your personal description.

Like your pictures, you want this section to show you’re fun, dynamic, and intriguing.

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