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That would be fun." He even said, "we don't have to do anything but it would be fun to meet over a couple of beers and put faces to the chats we've had." That put me at ease, as these were roles and fantasies that I never expected to live out.

After all, it was over 25 years since I had a bi experience.

It was Paul that suggested we meet up for a drink one night.

My heart was beating double time when I answered, "Sure.

I wondered if he really looked as he described himself. I did lie about my age by a few years and my weight by a few pounds but who doesn't lie about those?

I got to the brew pub a few minutes early and waited for Paul.

We were on our second beer when we started to relax and began to discuss why we went into the chat rooms.I guess just with age and life taking its toll, things just aren't what they used to be, but what is?I had a few bi experiences in my college days with a close friend mostly when we weren't dating when we were just very horny, young guys.Our stories were similar, our wives had lost interest in sex, we were probably having some mid-life issues ourselves and we were just looking for some harmless fun.We hit it off like two college buddies who hadn't seen each other in years.

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