Guide editing and updating the new updater exe

For performance reasons, some actions in the database are delayed, and are managed by the job queue.Those jobs are stored in database and contain parameters with information about actions it should perform.It's recommended that you unpack the new files into a new directory, and then apply customizations to the new directory (restoring Local Settings.php, images folder, extensions, and other customizations like custom skins) If you cannot access the command line on your server, download the Media Wiki tarball to your local computer and use 7zip to extract the tarball on your local PC.After you extracted the files locally, use your favorite FTP client software to upload directories and files to the server.

You can access the command line by connecting to your server via SSH.Patches are incremental, you can not skip a version. Media Wiki will log warnings if any of them are still found to help you remember.(You will also need to adjust any custom skins to follow a similar convention.) See Manual: Skin autodiscovery for details.If you don't have Git but you want to upgrade a lot of extensions, you might consider using mw Ext Upgrader.If you use the same from the old version, you may need to adapt it to how new versions handle it: Since Media Wiki 1.24, bundled skins like Vector, Monobook, Modern and Cologne Blue are no longer part of Media Wiki core, and they need to be registered explicitly in Other skins may still not be adapted to the new skin registration system, so refer to the documentation page about each skin to see how to register it properly in case of problems.

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