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Naturally, the protects the privacy of its members and doesn’t share testimonials on the site.The team looks after the interests of its users and has spent years building a global network of positive and nonjudgmental men and women.Singles sign up using a valid email address and ZIP code.Once they’ve created a profile, they can search for dating personal ads by distance or age.They can only respond to messages sent by paid users.Paid subscribers can message anyone they want for as long as they want.He and his team prefer to remain anonymous, working quietly behind the scenes to improve the online dating world for the HIV community.

An outspoken 22-year-old named Pedro Zamora shared his story as a gay man living with HIV on “The Real World.” He raised awareness about the illness, and he even fell in love. In the 1990s, HIV-positive individuals didn’t always feel they had a voice, much less a place in society.

fosters a safe place where singles who feel alone, confused, or hopeless can meet people who understand what they’re going through and can offer a shoulder to cry on.

The personal chats can sometimes become mini support groups where singles seek answers to their questions or vent frustrations about the healthcare system or medical issues.

Singles of all ages, races, nationalities, and orientations have signed up to in the last 20 years.

These singles can browse anonymously under a username and build trust with people who share similar life experiences.

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