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" This is the land of the free, and home of the brave, if you don't like it too bad, I have not discriminated against you, but you have against us.6.

Furr Trax DOES NOT have customers, Furr Trax is a not-for-profit group, we do not charge for ANYTHING!

In yet another E-Mail to me, he seems to insinuate or lightly threaten that the FBI will be reaching out to me, well, I work with them periodically, they have my number, and i have theirs, just talked to them 2 weeks ago. Tell the FBI I said hello==============Back to me again: At this point im becoming annoyed with this H.

I have even worked with law enforcement several times when incidents of sexual harassment had occurred on the site and provided pertinent information as was necessary. Now might i direct to wolfs latest E-Mail: My Response: If your ever in Arizona send me an E-Mail, ill stand up to ya if you really want it. Wolf internet tough guy, So on tuesday after the holiday im going to reach out to my own FBI contact, and put all his emails, and the details of this exchange on record, so if he continues to place threats, and harass us, the joke will eventually be on him.

We accept donations if people are willing, we ARE NOT in business.

So feel free to threaten to start a competing site, many have and we are still here, and as we do not sell anything, any competition you might someday provide is meaningless to us.7.

I wouldalso suggest you consider being a bit more curious and concerned whendealing with customers, because you never know what kind of influenceyour customers might have, and what kinds of platforms they have towield that influence. My platforms await my efforts (includingscreenshots! ) to influence people's decisions on what furry personals'website to use and which ones not to use because they are run bypedophiles (Pounced.org), corporate thugs (Furry Mate, etc.) orimmature furry trolls...

Kind regards, Wolf PS: A little disclosure if it helps: I am attempting to buy or starta furry personals' ads website because none of the sites I have seenthus far serve the needs of single furries.

For those un-familiar with this, the acronym stands for: Certified Information Systems Security Professional, this makes my 29th certification.

Again we are not a business, I am a cyber-security engineer(Certified CCNA, CISSP, Computer Forensics, and Ethical Hacking), and law enforcement contractor day job wise, i make all the money I need, thus i don't need to charge for anything on Furr Trax, it is a community service project, free for everyone.8.

Your better off antagonizing furrymate/bronymate/furfling/others... They are all the same company/guy living in his basement who has also passed threats to us, and even tried to pay us to advertise his site on ours, to which we declined, since we really don't need the money nor would we be connected to their scammy organization in any way.

I made no insult towards you and nothing was intended tobe implied.

Your assumptions about the nature of my humorous commentsabout the site's accessibility were grossly misunderstood, likely as aresult of your assuming that I am like other people around you.

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You had the chance to reply courteously and professionally and chose not to, thus you lost my respect. You are a resident of La Paz, Mexico, I knew that when i first observed your account.5.

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