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So, if you’re looking to take the plunge and date a paisa, there are a few things to be savvy about.

The culture and rules are certainly different here, and to make the most of a fling or lay the groundwork for something long-term, here’s the lowdown: If you’re not from Colombia and want to sample the dating scene, make the most of being a foreigner!

A typical Latino has large dark eyes, facial hair, tattoos and lots of confidence.

Make no mistake, Colombian men are not shy, gringas are likely to experience staring and calls from them just walking down the street.

Paisa men are passionate and known for being promiscuous, so it’s best to not have expectations of loyalty and to take the opportunity to also date other people.

The bottom line is that dating a Colombian man is great fun and one of the best ways to integrate with the local society.

The reason why Latino men know how to treat a woman? Colombian culture is rooted in family and caring for relatives, especially mothers.

While most women are thrilled to learn this, it does come with some difficulties.

Chances are, your Colombian guy will want to impress you, and there’s no better way to see the city (or country) than with a local.Sundays are usually reserved as a family day, as are puentes and religious holidays.Plus, if you do meet the real number 1 woman in you guy’s life, be prepared to be grilled about your intentions with her prince.Colombian men definitely don’t seem to have the same commitment plans as the females but that doesn’t have to be a negative.A tourist visa in Colombia lasts a maximum of 6 months and very few Colombian men are willing to attempt long-distance.

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Medellín – the city of eternal spring, bandeja paisa and beautiful women.

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