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If you do it right a French woman will go to bed with you.” At least one date? “Things can happen quickly here, especially if people are a little bit drunk.I don’t want to have to wait for sex and play the game if I have a crush on someone.Most people admire partners who respect themselves enough to protect their own health, even if it means asking tough questions.There's no way to tell by looking if a person has an STD — even people who have STDs sometimes don't know it.With the French and Anglo cultures tending to differ there are undoubtedly a few clashes when it comes to jumping into bed with one another.So we enlisted the help of the entertaining sex columnist for France's GQ Magazine Maïa Mazaurette, to help clear up a few myths, answer a few important questions, as well as offer up a few dos and definitely don'ts: from having a sharing philosophy to not behaving like you're in a porno movie. There are no moral hang-ups about sex in France, she says.

Basically it's pretty straightforward, she says. Do foreign men need to romance a French woman into bed?

My boyfriend has already had sex, oral sex, and mutual masturbation with multiple partners.

I think we're ready to have sex, but I'm nervous that I will get pregnant or get an STD.

If your boyfriend cares, he'll want to help you feel comfortable in your relationship.

Sex is about sharing as a couple, not one person's pleasure.

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  2. if i met a guy i don't want him to think he is second in my life. i really don't like to be around fake people(what i mean by that is people who lie and like to talk about others). I love my nights out with my friends, but would prefer nights at home with conversation and a little romance..that's just a dream, right?