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Pseudohermaphrodites have either ovaries or testes, but their external appearance does not match their actual genetic gender.

A variety of defects can cause these conditions, but the common denominator of them involves an effect on the developing embryo long before birth.

While most forms of hermaphroditism are apparent at birth, even that is not always the case.

For example, babies with testicular feminization are XY but appear to be normal females from birth.

But Gonglue Jiang's USB cable concept design would actually get me to part with some cash.I can understand that hermaphrodites are a result of sin.But if homosexuality is wrong then what moral basis does a hermaphrodite or "its" parents have for selecting a gender.Your question indicates that you also start with that foundation.You understand that, since sin entered the world, “the whole creation groaneth.” The curse of mutations and disease processes mars everything, even the original perfect design, for “.

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