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The Amazon reefs transition from accretive to erosional structures and encompass extensive rhodolith beds.

This extensive submerged carbonate system extends from French Guiana southward to the Manuel Luis reef, the northernmost emerging reef within the Brazilian Biogeographic Province.(A) Distribution of reef fisheries and oceanographic stations.

Manuel Luis reefs are the northernmost emerging reefs in Brazil.

(B to D) Main structural and functional traits of the reefs in the Northern (120 m), Central (55 m), and Southern Sectors (25 m), respectively. Benthic (sediment) δ13C = −26.2 ± 0.6, δ15N = 2.2 ± 0.5.

As a result, many types of reefs have been subjected to fruitless nomenclatural controversies since the 19th century ().

Because of their impact on salinity, p H, light penetration, sedimentation, and nutrients, large tropical rivers typically exclude carbonate reef builders from continental shelves.

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Significant carbonate sedimentation occurred during lowstand sea level, and still occurs in the outer shelf, resulting in complex hard-bottom topography.

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