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And I’ll never forget it, I just listened to that tape over and over because these two guys were, they were on another wavelength.You know, and I could tell they were doing something really important.

And so, yeah, I was just making friends as best I could. You know, I think of opportunity the dictionary defines opportunity as being a favorable juncture of circumstances which kind of puts opportunity out there.And the reason that I didn’t follow-up on it, and Eben, I’m even wondering if you remember this, the reason I didn’t follow-up on it is because, well, here’s how I found out about Eben Pagan.Laura Roeder an entrepreneur that I interviewed back in 2011 told me that she understood how to create online courses by watching this guy, Eben Pagan, by going to one of his programs, by learning from him.And so I didn’t know the angle and so when he and I talked a while back I asked him, “Would you do an interview?” He said, “Yes, but ping me about it.” I never followed up because of that reason.

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