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Kimberly Turtenwald began writing professionally in 2000.

She has written content for various websites, including Lights 2 You, Online Consultation, Corpus Personal Injury and more.

It's a poor substitute for the real thing, I fully realise, but there you go.

It's too much to hope to find a partner but perhaps it might be possible to email with other women in my situation - someone who feels similarly trapped and who might want to exchange thoughts both about day-to-day matters and the occasional naughty daydream.

Only those whose native language is English and who can write well and clearly, please.

Note: After fending off large numbers of men pretending to be women, I am now asking for immediate voice proof that you are genuinely female.

Our members correspond by old fashioned snail mail or internet Learn more..

Auerdem interessiere ich mich sehr fr andere Lnder, Sprachen, Kulturen und ich reise gern.

Military service members often leave their families and friends to go overseas and fight in wars or help protect other countries. Some people enjoy becoming pen pals with military service members. Finding a military service member with whom to exchange emails can be a little more difficult than finding a regular pen pal.

For security reasons, you must go through specific organizations to acquire a military email pen pal.

Ask around among your family, friends and coworkers.

The easiest way to find a soldier to email is through someone you know.

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