Drama and chanel dating

Jin Mi was given the unfeeling pill as an infant to stop her from ever experiencing love.Thousand of years later, the fire deity who is also the second son of the Heavenly King stumbles into Shui Jing because of a trap laid out by his enemies.

Because I’ve worked with a lot of producers and everybody would tell me “You have a dope voice and your talented” , but it was Rich who kept it real with me, and told me to step my game up a little more lyrically.

…French Montana, Robin Thicke, Snoop Dog, Honey Cocaine, Evan Ross, and TY Dolla $ign…its kind of crazy because I’m friends with all of them so it came naturally.

Being a fan of his, when I caught the official news that I was going to be on the label- it was the most exciting thing in my life.

I felt it was real because I’d been working so hard, and I was like this is finally happening!

What inspired the title of your mixtape “Now You Know”?

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So I took his advice, and I got in the zone and began writing every single day until I got better lyrically.

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