Dating valentine 2016 game

And yet no matter if you're on a date with your long-term squeeze or out with some other single ladies, there's no shame in bringing your A-game outfit. Trust us, there are going to be plenty of girls in the bars rocking red and hot pink.

Whatever your V-Day situation, we've got you covered.

Book a romantic hotel that's free from roommates, dirty dishes, and paper-thin walls.

Many inns and hotels host their own Valentine's specials, from champagne service to three-course meals at the hotel restaurant.

Stand out by stunning in a non-red ensemble in another powerful color: Yellow, green, and purple in particular are distinct from red but give off the same wow-factor.

Think of it as counter-programming in the same way that a film studio might release a period romance in the middle of summer blockbuster season; it's different and unexpected.

Most big cities have bike rental websites online—including tandem bikes—that have affordable hourly rates.

Project confidence by keeping a light hand with your hair and makeup instead of going the full Kardashian route—even if you actually spent hours winging your eyeliner. But skip the lace, florals and other sartorial symbols of romance, and make your outfit project fun instead with sequin accents, some edgy tights, or platform pumps—maybe a combination of all of the above if you’re aiming to knock this one out of the park. You can go all out: Sequins, plunging neckline, backless dress, little red dress, Janelle Monaé-style tuxedo, you name it, depending on your plans for the evening.FIND CONCERTSWhen cooking isn't your strong suit (and restaurant reservations are booked to the max), sign up for a last minute cooking class where you can learn to make each other's favorite meals. BOOK A CLASSThe only way to prove you two are meant to be together forever? Visit a psychic to have both of your tarot cards read.If you're not ready to make that commitment, learn about your auras to make sure you're both giving off good vibes.Channel your inner Carrie and Big by visiting the local library and checking out the love letters and poems of the best writers.Open a bottle of wine (or, y'know, flask it up) and take turns reading each other your favorites.

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