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Before a meal someone who is very much respected broke flatbreads and prayed for the happiness of the groom and the bride. This ritual was called fotikha ("opening", "beginning") or nonshikanon - "breaking bread" and was considered an official engagement.No wedding could take place the presentation of kalym (ransom for the bride) to girl's parents.When invited each one gave a girl who had invited her cup of flour - the sign of happy wedding.After refreshments and prayers for happiness of the groom and the bride the bride and her friends sat in the corner opposite the front door behind a curtain.

As the wedding procession moved on the fires were burning near the groom's house lighting the road. There were two kinds of such courtship, namely: govorabakhsh (gakhvorabakhsh) - «cradle matchmaking", "cradle gift » and domanchok - "young children matchmaking". Frequently, Tajik families matched their young children and even newborn babies.The ritual went like this: On the eve of the appointed kalym day the father of the bride had to come to the house of the groom for "takhta pas kunon" («lowering of dough board").Some women baked flatbreads (lochira), old women cut wedding clothes and other women sewed them.

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