Dating scams in the ukraine

If you are not the best at meeting a girl not a problem I have many ways to show you what to say and what not to.

I will take you to cities that are not used to American men and will be more than happy to meet you and date you.

She was serious and looked me in the eyes and said I need an answer.

This girl was amazing so beautiful and very mature how could I be so lucky.

I said Angel could we meet tomorrow and she said sure if I can bring my daughter. It happens here young girls marry older men but not a girl with a child most men do not want a girl with a child.My friend said Angel might think you are the only hope she has to be happy, and you are a good guy Rod.We met the next day Angel her daughter and me; we sat in the park most of the time. After some time I could not hold it anymore I said Angel I need to talk to you she had a smile so big on her face.I have a few friends that did this over 20 years ago some of the marriages worked out, and some did not.But back then you had to pay the agencies a few thousand dollars for a finders fee.

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It makes me so angry how this came about over the last few years.

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