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This might make them three times more likely than the average Internet user to be doing this, but it does underline the importance of ad-supported models.”As TIME points out, these findings echo those discovered by a 2013 Pew Research Center survey.

The difference in number wasn't quite so pronounced then — that study found that 13 percent of American men used dating apps or sites, while nine percent of women also reported doing so — but even so, the general trend still holds up. Why are so many more men utilizing tech-savvy methods of dating than women?

I'm a big proponent of it myself, having had a resounding success using it.

I did get asked out on one date, but the man who asked suddenly developed a busy schedule when I was actually available- as if he’d just been saying he wanted to go out on a date but didn’t actually want to go out on a date.While I’d love to snag one of my own characters out of my fictional world to date, that just isn’t possible.Also, I’m a single mother, and it may surprise you to know that single parents don’t have as many opportunities to be out in the dating world what with early mornings and early evenings and all the parenting responsibilities that come with it.The questions on e Harmony just creeped me out, so I skipped that one.I didn’t enjoy Match with the hundreds of message sent to me by people I never even expressed the slightest interest in and/or whose profiles were in direct opposition to the things I’m very clear about looking for, and I went on more actual, legitimate dates with Tinder.

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