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smooth skin, childish facial appearance) are erogenous to the older man. In some depraved cases, because older men can more easily prey on people younger and more vulnerable.Because som of them feel insecure with a younger woman because they must be and I'm sorry to say this,moma's boys,and are looking for a more mature woman.Because they are weird enough as it older gay man who has a brain wants to be labeled as a homophile (phedophile homosexual) Some older men and women(cougars), straight as well as homosexual, like younger partners to…Ever feel that you woule like to have an affair with someone who is not in your age group? Age is just a mumber and relationships of older women with young men or older men with young women can bring new feelings.Older men are not capable of dealing with the physical requirements of war as well as younger men can.

Though i find its more the case of younger women wanting…

if you are a young guy, but you are always stressed, then that means you will get wrinkles earlier. A man who had secure job, stable emotions and thoughts are mostly acquired by older men in general. Though I have heard the term Black Widow used to describe any woman who 'preys' on any sort of man. It's mostly accepted that women like older men and men like younger women.

if you are older but you are always happy, energetic and optimistic, then your health will be good first ,older man like woman not girls so wear more conserved clothes second, most older men like intelligent woman third, men like confident woman and not needy finally ,if you like an older man just tell him . Sometimes this goes around as well, depends on the personality of each individuals. Young men wore the toga virilis, the toga for men, which was made of undyed wool and therefore off white, like the men who were older than them.

In the early 1600s two companies formed entirely of boys, the Boys of…

I think women like older men because they are more mature.

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