Dating a sagitarrius

means to be a Sagittarius today we’ll revealing 21 of the most common Sagittarius traits and characteristics that make up this zodiac sign’s personality.

Sagittarius tends to be enthusiastic about life and optimistic about the future.

Every goal he makes is lofty and ambitious, and every obstacle he faces is just a chance to improve.

His constantly-hopeful mindset is something to be admired, and he views you through that same idealistic lens, too.

The Sagittarius doesn’t like to hold on to grudges for too long preferring instead to let go off the past and move forward with the future.

They’ve got much more important things to do than dwell over negativity.

The Sagittarius is crazy intuitive and is often able to read your character and intentions like a book.

They can get a good read on a person within of meeting them and are able to instinctively pick up on things that everyone else in the room misses.

Sometimes they can have a hard time showing their emotional side and they often find it easier to express themselves through actions rather than words.He’s no good at keeping secrets—as soon as something pops into his mind, it immediately comes out of his mouth. It’s an interesting way he honors his ruling planet.Jupiter is all about unrestricted growth and expansion, and his straightforwardness is a result of him wanting the relationship to evolve.They see no point in dwelling over their misfortunes and instead focus on playing to their strengths.They’re not afraid to aim high and they’re The Sagittarius has a natural talent for seeing the ridiculous and humorous side to life.

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