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eprentise, established in 2006, provides transformation software products that allow companies to make their Oracle E-Business Suite systems agile enough to support changing business requirements, avoid a reimplementation and lower the total cost of ownership of ERP while also enabling real-time access to complete, consistent and correct data across the enterprise.

Typically priced for larger businesses, great consolidation accounting software is a Group Accountant’s dream.

However, these individual models do not support all usability aspects; furthermore, they are not well integrated into current software engineering practices and they lack tool support.

The aim of this research is to address some of these limitations by proposing a consolidated and normative model for the evaluation of software usability.

This also allows users to see trends and correlate the information.

For Goldcorp, managing EHS and risk data on a single, integrated software platform from Enablon is a key element of the company’s risk mitigation efforts.

The Goldcorp team at SPF Americas 2018For Goldcorp, the most tangible result of using a single, integrated platform is the consolidation of EHSC and risk data that helps the company achieve a number of benefits. Phil Casey, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Goldcorp, says: “There’s a lot of value in having your risks and events managed in the same system because they’re actually the same thing.

One has happened and one hasn’t happened, and it’s the potential for it to happen.”An incident (or adverse event) is a risk that has materialized.

In particular, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed a variety of models to specify and measure software usability.

This is why it’s always fascinating to learn more about innovative companies that recognize the potential impact of risk in their operations, and how it relates to their Environment, Health, Safety and Community (“EHSC”), and Sustainability programs. Goldcorp is one of the leading gold producers in the world with activities in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Australia.

The company constantly seeks to be safer, more sustainable, and more responsible in the way its operations are conducted.

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We evaluated a number of accounting software packages but Accounts IQ was the one we ran hardest at.

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Read our article for ICAEW on overcoming international accounting challenges; managing multiple currencies, intercompany recharging and the FX functionality your accounting software should have.

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