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It used to be that most cohabiting unions would end up as marriages.As the authors noted, “Cohabitation is much less tied to marriage than it was in the past – even the recent past.” • Serial cohabitation is rapidly increasing.Couples who live together and then split up usually do not incur the obligation to support each other after the break-up, unless they have entered into a contract providing otherwise.While this may seem a boon to the supporting partner, a partner who has become accustomed to being supported may face unexpected financial hardship after the split.Think of it as a series of risks that cascade through the lives of some people rather than the result of just one thing that leads to problems down the line. You might have read right by it, thinking you read “cohabitating.” What I wrote is cohabi DATING.That’s my word for what these researchers are describing.Let me summarize the points they make that stood out to me (some points from other research they review and some from their new findings).

On page 755, they note: “Changing patterns of mate selection – serial cohabitation, in this case – raise the specter of a growing population at risk of unintended childbearing (including multiple-partner fertility), heightened family instability, increasingly complex kin relationships, and potentially deleterious short- and long-term economic and develop- mental consequences for growing children.” Now to be clear, good scientists (and this team of sociologists is very good) do not believe that things like serial cohabitation are causing all of what is downstream.

I am unsure what the correct form of "cohabiting" is.

I am using it in a sentence to describe two things that share the same vessel.

• Serial cohabitation has been, and still is, more common among those at lower income levels, but it is taking off for all groups.

• Serial cohabitation is a form of “intense dating” that will lead to marriage, eventually, for many, but only after living together with a number of partners.

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