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Renner could do worse -- Kristoffer won the "biggest penis" prize at one of our parties. Kris had just landed his first starring role, in what turned out to be a very bad Smokey and the Bandits rip-off called Smoke n Lightnin, about two auto mechanics named, naturally, Smoke and Lightnin (no g), who get involved in a caper involving car chases and girls.He is best known for his acting career, perhaps still especially for his role in “The Blue Lagoon” film shot in 1980.Atkins was an aspiring baseball player; when his baseball aspirations were derailed by knee problems, he started a modeling career.In a new interview with Oprah Winfrey, which will air on her Where Are They Now special this weekend (01Dec13), Christopher Atkins, who was 18 when he romanced the 14-year-old actress in the 1980 film, reveals he fell for Shields in a big way after staring at a shot of her every night.Atkins says, "The director wanted us to be attracted to each other.

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