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Check out the next two if you’ve had enough of this wind in your sails! As the eldest, Hannah works to support her younger siblings as she settles for a switchboard operator position. The message the book conveys is more of a religious-based one, as author Lorna Seilstad is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers group, and this book is perfect for those who are looking for a G-rated read that still has a dash of humor, drama, danger and of course, romance.Why not sail on over to Scotland and immerse yourself in the world of Judith Mc Naught’s ?

Apart from the drama, the romance, and the scandal, the quality of author Margaret Mitchell shines through.If you usually read books set in Scotland or England, head on over to America for a while.If the books you like take place on the sea, head on into the nearest port and find something set in a beautiful castle.So again, these are all things I’ve either witnessed myself or have heard from friends, coworkers, or family members. It’s no secret that men (and women) have moved to Panama and have been swindled by some money-hungry, gold-digging lover. But as with most things negative here in Panama, it happens all over the world, and that’s why I haven’t added the subject to the 10 things list, but will address it on its own.If you flip through the TV channels and check out some of the reality shows, you’ll see that in the U. plenty of young women are going after older men with money.

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We have plenty of other options to choose from, so have a look at all of them to find the book that will fulfill your romantic dreams. Think about the historical era and the country that you like books to be set in. Now after you’ve read a few of those books, mix it up a bit by changing countries and centuries.

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