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We never spoke of anything but work and never got within a few feet of each other. My district forbids two married people from working in the same building.

We actually have a couple of teachers who have been living together for a while and are getting married in the spring.

A teacher will most likely love a glass at the end of a long day at the chalkface so why not join them? Who cares that they probably didn’t wash their hands? This transfers into the bedroom as foreplay, the main event and after sex cuddles.

The lovely boy in their class has baked them a flapjack in cookery class. A teacher lives their life by planning a three part lesson: a starter, a main and a plenary.

I think it's professional as long as the people in question make it professional. The difference is we do not bring our relationship to work.

I've seen some of those relationships lead to engagement and marriage and more that led to break-ups (which is probably just the trend in... As long as that happens there should be no problem, regardless of their relationship. Yea everyone knows we are together but it never affects work.

Now that we are adults, we can legitimately enter relationships with teachers without it being totally creepy. Here is why you should really consider hooking up with an educator- it will be the best romantic decision that you have ever made. You can always pretend that it was that super sexy science teacher whose every word went over your head as there were other more important chemical reactions going on. Just so you know, they will always end up talking shop wherever they are, and they basically have their own language.Don’t even try to get into it when they start talking IEPs, 504s or the newest LMS.Between planning for the next school year, working summer sessions, and attending professional development workshops, summers aren’t all vacay.Plus, they either get their pay for nine months stretched out over the year, or they don’t get paid during summer, so budgets are tight.

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