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I want to be able to put 100 percent of me into whatever I do.

If I feel like I’m not there mentally, it’s time for me to take a step back so that I miss the show again and I’m recharged to start with a new partner because it’s not fair to me, it’s not fair to the show, it’s not fair to the other dancers, especially my partner if I’m only halfway there. You had mentioned on Monday night on the carpet that they always give you the people who don’t have any dance experience as partners.

I live for those moments, and so for me, it’s not so much about winning the show.

Maybe I’m saying that because I’ve already won a long time ago but it’s really about influencing.

It seems as if Alexis Ren, Tinashe, Juan, Milo Manheim, and De Marcus Ware could all be in the finale. I don’t remember the last time I saw nines on week two, okay? I always tell my partner, it’s good to get sevens week one and then maybe one eight, but to stay in the sevens is where you want to be, because then you can definitely grow from there.

But when you start at nines, and you set the standard for yourself, it’s going to be very, very challenging moving forward to continue to stand out.

on January 22, an eight-week-long Star investigation uncovered.

They say he ran out screaming after seeing Cheryl and Drew having oral sex.

After all the seasons you’ve been on, is it difficult to come up with fresh approaches? I don’t give the same routine to my partners because of who they are as people and because my job is not to show myself off.Yes, and by the way, that’s great because that’s what this show is about.It’s not about making a dancer be a better dancer; the ones that are memorable are the ones that come on the show not knowing anything about dancing and that succeed.I was a competitor back in my day and Len Goodman used to judge me.I also got my judging license as well, so I’ve had to study all of this stuff.

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