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In real life, Choi Ri's personality is just as bubbly as her character's."I'm a very positive person and generally spread that positive energy anywhere I go." Tae-o's high school best friend Hun, played by Kang Tae Oh, is an aspiring musical actor.Kang Tae Oh: [My character] Hun first appears on the series when he gets kicked out of his house, losing everything, including the clothes he was wearing.I remember it was freezing cold because I only had my underwear on during the shoot.Ji Soo: The most memorable scene was at the condo during autumn with [my fellow] actors.The natural surroundings were beautiful and we had a barbecue party.

Jung Chae Yeon: I was mostly attracted by how this series focuses on fresh youths. Song-i is going through a rough patch in life but she tries to keep her chin up all the time. Jin Young: I was attracted to this series because while it is a romantic series, it does not necessarily package in a pretty way the fresh, first love [experienced by] those in their 20s, but it is rather realistically and vividly depicted.

I remember that I was not able to pronounce my lines very well because my mouth was all frozen.

Choi Ri: I remember the hardest scene was filming on the overpass.

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