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Both of us burst out laughing and sped away before we could hear anything else!

It was so funny, I feel like laughing just thinking about it now.

As we were recovering from the minor crash, a dad who was walking with his two daughters rushed to help us.

[Read: How to plan a couples road trip] My first road head The first time I ever gave a road head was on a freeway. My boyfriend had such a tough time driving, and watching him have such a *hard* time driving the car turned me on even more. Somewhere inside me, I knew that was stupid, but I felt more powerful and sexy. It was an exhilarating and empowering experience really.

Stares from other drivers One of the most exciting aspects of a road head is the fear and excitement of getting caught.

I’m the damsel in distress and the sweet girl who seems like she knows nothing about sex or the male species.

I’ve even dated a tough guy who told me he thought he’d dirty me if he touched me, whatever that meant!

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