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Because Windows 10 is a universal operating system, Microsoft has built in some data-monitoring tools for users with a limited data connection.

Desktop users probably don't need to concern themselves with network data usage, but tablet and laptop users may find these tools helpful.

But there's one issue with this list -- it only shows native Windows 10 apps, not desktop applications.

As you can see, I don't use a lot of native Windows 10 apps, so this list is not very helpful in determining the apps that really eat up data.

For a very basic overview of your network usage, you can open up the Settings menu and go to Network & Internet and click Data usage.

Here you'll see a donut graph that shows how much data you've used over what types of connections in the last 30 days.

Wi-Fi, scroll down to the bottom of the list of Wi-Fi networks, and click Advanced options.

In the Advanced options menu, you'll see an option to turn Set as metered connection on or off.

We're working with Smart Energy GB, the voice of the smart meter rollout, to help our customers understand why they should get a smart meter. This is why we’re working as hard we can to make sure you can benefit from smart meter technology.In my case, I've only used data over a wired Ethernet connection, but if you switch between Ethernet, Wi-Fi and mobile data, you'll see a mix of sources.If you'd like to check how much data your apps are using over a normal network versus a metered network, you can see some of this information in the Task Manager.Check your account to find out if your home is ready for smart meters yet.If it's not quite time, we'll add you to our waiting list and give you a shout when you can get them installed. You will also receive a smart energy monitor which can be placed anywhere in your home and communications hub, which is a small box that automatically sends meter readings to us and to the smart energy monitor.

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