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Im a single female living in turkey.enjoy walking my dog and socialising with my friends.I love this beautiful country and like sitting on the harbour drinking cay and people watching. I'm looking for an intelligent free thinking man, capable of loyalty, fidelity and who is respectful of others. Hatta lokantanın daha yukarısındaki misafirhanesini göstermek için arabasıyla bizi daha tepelere çıkardı.Yemekten sonra çöken ağırlığı atmak için kısa da olsa korulukta hafif yürüdük ve Tire merkezine indik.

It is build on the side of a mountain and that gives so many photo opportunities.Most notable of the these was Cevat Sekir 'The Fisherman of Hallikarnassus', an Oxford Educated Turk who devoted his time to writing and planting numerous plants and trees which continue to dot the landscape of the Town.His book the 'Blue Voyage' describing gullet trips around the Turkish coast, and his descriptions of the astoundingly clear Blue Seas of the Aegean and the delights of a trip around the coasts adjacent to Bodrum inspired a whole generation who have come to emulate his trips.The island has less gay night life than Mykonos, but is very nice to relax for a few days.190 km from Bodrum Mykonos is the most popular Greek island for the gays.It looks amazing, all houses are painted white, it has great beaches, nice fancy restaurants and gay night life.

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