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Play it down sometimes; you don’t always have to have the last word. A man who doesn’t know what he wants in life may not be a great person to hang around with.

His low morale and view of the world could often demotivate you. If he doesn’t hold the door for you, offer to carry your heavy bags, or let you get into the elevator first, then he is never going to treat you right for the rest of your life. Downplaying your success In an attempt to protect his ego, you may try to hide your successes (especially in your career), because this could hurt his ego and make him look smaller in front of you.

Moreover, if you point out that your man needs to do Even if you love constantly snapping pictures of yourself in an empty elevator or pouting in front of your bathroom mirror, please do not spam him with all those pictures every single day.

A selfie addiction is a proven disorder and you don’t want to be judged over your .

While we can give you a lot of dating advice, it’s also necessary that you apply them in the most accurate and practical ways possible.

Texting has basically taken over most — if not all — interactions when it comes to communicating via cell phone.

This could be the number one dating mistake that most women commit.

Nothing needs to be improvised — you can delete, change and/or brood over the response until it’s some version of perfection.

Still, as foolproof as texting can seem to be, there are several faux pas people run into using this system.

Men are easily turned off by women who constantly play hard to get.

In an attempt to lure him to get closer to you, you could ultimately end up being the one that has to get his attention. He says he will call you back in 5 minutes, but never does.

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In their eagerness to make a relationship work, women inevitably make some mistakes that can ruin a relationship.

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