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I would only be concerned if you said you were okay with it when you truly weren’t and either started lying about your comfort or putting him in a position where he feels he must hide it from you.

Your job now is to figure out what is going to be best for you.

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There are no judgments coming at you from us no matter what you decide.If you’ve already expressed to your husband, how this behavior hurts you, he needs to explain himself and/or adjust his behavior.If he continues with his live chatting ways, either he doesn’t understand how much you’re offended, or he doesn’t care (or maybe he’s addicted to the attention).He Said: If I had a dollar for every time we received a question about boyfriends/husbands watching porn I could treat myself to a decent night out on the town. Often, I can partially defend a boyfriend/husband porn-surfing with the explanation that men are visual, and their porn watching is merely a quick quenching of their aesthetic thirsts (and in most cases, this activity has no reflection on the passion/excitement between partners). Live chats with porn girls is something entirely different. Only you can decide what’s cheating to you, but personally, I would consider this a form of cheating.Your husband’s not just looking, now he’s interacting, talking/typing, exchanging, etc. Your husband is spending time with live women (through a computer screen), and his interactions are most likely of the seductive/flirtatious sort.

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