Baptist beliefs on interracial dating

The various local churches preached repentance and confession of sins, along with baptism by immersion as an outward sign of the new life in Christ (Romans 6:3-4).Under the authority of the apostles themselves as to doctrine, each church was independently governed by the leaders God placed in them.This group held a Calvinistic theology of particular atonement and became the main influence in the English Particular Baptist movement.The first Baptist church in America was founded by Roger Williams in 1638.When the Civil War broke out, the Baptists in the North and the South broke their fellowship and formed separate denominations.Today, there are at least 65 different Baptist associations or denominations in the United States.Question: "What is the Baptist Church, and what do Baptists believe?" Answer: First Baptist, Second Baptist, American Baptist, Southern Baptist, General Baptist, Independent Baptist, Primitive Baptist – the list goes on and on.

From the days of the apostles, there was one Church of Jesus Christ, with a single body of doctrine taught by the apostles.

During the colonial and federal periods, the Baptist churches prospered and spread, while being only loosely organized as a fellowship.

The first clear national organization was the General Missionary Convention of the Baptist Denomination in 1814.

This was called by Luther Rice to address the need of raising funds and workers to carry out the missionary mandate in foreign countries.

Some Baptist churches resisted this missionary emphasis and became known as Primitive Baptists.

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