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I use this and girls who usually reply with a few words will suddenly reply with a whole para listing their qualities which is an IOI (Indicator of Interest)OR(A girl wearing black in most of her photos. (If you say “hey” after matching if they are interested they still won’t reply”) I would say this has like an 90% chance of getting a reply if your profile is good.Trust me you will find many) “ Sue me even though you look good but all black is too bland. The way I express I like someone I will say “I like you. Next, her bla bla reply you say “pass it back on our date” Yeah the football also makes you look like a fun guy who likes sports.A: Let me guess you seem like a shy person but I got a feeling you’re a great dancer. She is really sweet and proper girlfriend material. I couldn’t think of a single thing to say so I’ve said this only to her and I was genuinely interested.If she reads this I hope she forgives me.)Yeah , no need to laugh. But the reply would be something like : Btw you cant be wrong you basically took both the stance i.e.Atleast 5 I do intentionally the rest depends on my mood anyway this accomplishes quite a few things: Also DO NOT REPLY INSTANTLY IF SHE ISN’T doing the same a good rule of thumb is mirroring response times but just test waters if you both can catch each other online then start chatting.

Examples: “Beauty is a common thing list three qualities you got besides looking pretty” Here, you conveyed she is beautiful but for you beautiful girls is a common thing and she must tell you what makes her different. I’ll be A and the other is Girl1) Opening Set A:[Insert football emoji here]…My bad my ball rolled in here A: While I’m here [Insert hand wave emoji here]Replies-G1: Haha you plan on loitering here for a bit then A: Well only coz you won’t let me go A: You can pass it back on our date. I believe girls only reply to this one if they’re generally already interested in knowing you.

I will cover a lot of aspects of attraction and social interactions through my own matches and experiences.

Everything I write here I will be able to provide proof for everything to the mods I’m a little hesitant because I do not want to get witch hunted or anything and I am scared, you just have to believe me depending on how this turns out I might edit and do actually make some things public.

I am sure i can get back to the same state in 2-3 days.

Okay so basically I decided to create this guide I believe will help even average looking guys get matches and actual dates.

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