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The Guns N’ Roses rock group got their breakthrough once they released their debut record titled Appetite for Destruction in 1987.

The record allegedly sold more 30 than thousand copies around the world and 18 million from the USA, which makes it the best-sold debut record in america.

Following his move to Los Angeles, Axl began his music career after he joined a group group called Rapidfire in 1983 and in 1984he left the group and formed his own group named Hollywood Rose together with his childhood pal Stradlin who moved to Los Angeles along with the band recorded five tunes. A Guns which combined together with his own group Hollywood Roses to become Guns N’ Roses at 1985.

The functioning of the group attracted the interest of tons of big record labels but they eventually signed a record deal with Geffen records in 1986.

Moreover, the record devoted to the Chinese Democracy was eventually released in 2008 and it sold more than 3 million copies.

Visit the link in our Instagram Highlight for more info A post shared by Guns N' Roses (@gunsnroses) on In 2012, the lineup of the first band members had been inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, even though Axl didn’t attend.

Rose, on the other hand, disappeared from the general public and began living a secluded life in his mansion situated in Malibu.

Being the final standing member of this group, Rose officially embraced the band name and began collecting new members who will fill in to the members who had abandoned.

The tour that ended in September 2017 was a really powerful one with all the group making over 0 million and Axl Rose managed to sing along with his teammates in April 2016 following 23 decades.

Since 2016, Axl Rose combined AC/DC rock band where he replaced the lead singer called Brian Johnson who abandoned as a consequence of hearing loss.

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