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The whole, pretty terrifying error message that actually contains important clues is the following: Wait a minute – what does that mean?

How did I end up with a datetime2 being converted to… That’s a bit odd, right, and I did not ask for that?

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The connection string is stored inside the I defined trusted Connection as true in the connection string so the Windows credentials of the current user are used to authenticate against the SQL Server. I have made the ‘Id’ field as readonly so that user cannot change it. I hope you loved reading this and understand how the codes are working.

Right click on the project name in the Solutions Explorer and select ‘using System;using System. Testing the Update Teacher functionality Run your application and click the ‘Update’ link for the 1st teacher records, see below image: This completes this CRUD operations tutorial in ASP. If you have any confusion go through all the code which you can download from here.

I had specified an Add Or Update -call, in which no value for a Date Time -typed property was set in the model.

My naíve assumption was, that this would set a non-required property to null even if I didn’t explicitly set it to nullable, but that was of course wrong. Date Time in SQL Server has a minimum value of 1/1/1753 AM – you can try this by trying to set a value lower than that in SQL Server Management Studio.

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