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So it's so great, we get this really great mix of characters and personalities." She also credits the first season with introducing what "Dating Naked" is about, that way the people who signed up for the show this season had better understand of what they were getting themselves into.

She said that made it easier to cast the second season.

"So our show just takes that format and puts them in a dating environment.

But the nudity is for the same reason, to strip away barriers and leave them in a very raw, vulnerable position so they have nothing to hide behind." Paffrath worked on a number of production sets in her career. News and had roles in the hit CBS series "2 Broke Girls" and the 2014 horror flick "The Purge: Anarchy." But she admitted that working on the set of "Dating Naked" is unlike anything she's done in the past. "It's probably, I'd say, the most awkward set I've ever been on because yes, people are hanging out naked and I don't think that ever will get normal to me because I'm not a nudist." "It can be very awkward when everyone's just standing around and we're having a conversation about feelings, and I look over and I'm like 'Oh my god, there's a penis! "It is bizarre, but it also it keeps you on your toes." While on set, a typical day for Paffrath would start with a morning briefing where she gets a rundown of everything that's going on in the house.

She's not required to be on set while the couples are on their dates, so she's free to roam and explore each exotic location.

"I get a lot of time to really enjoy the beautiful places that we shoot at so I'm very lucky to have that opportunity to film in these incredible locations and really get to soak in the culture of the people and the beauty of it," she gushed.

"There's a huge difference between season one and season two," she explained.

She’s also made an appearance in episodes of it series Hot in Sullivan and Clevel& Child and 2 Broke Ladies.

She offered as a correspondent for it series The Daily 10 this year 2010 and Hollywood 411 in 2011. She experienced an internship at Entertainment Tonight and acts as the spokesperson for Sibu Beauty.

Now that the series is in its second season, a newly revamped format is helping to bring vulnerability, honesty and confidence back to the forefront of the dating show genre, one blurred out private area at a time.

Growing up, Paffrath was a fan of the MTV dating show "Singled Out." She worked as a casting assistant on another MTV dating series, "Next," which was produced by Lighthearted Entertainment CEO Howard Schultz.

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