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As a child actor, she appeared on Canadian children’s television and in musical theatre productions around Ottawa.By the time of her visit to Newton-John’s house, she was already writing and composing her own songs.She was also embracing a new freedom to be herself in her relationships.

Tracking down the star’s Malibu estate, Morissette marched up to the entrance, buzzed the intercom and announced, ‘Olivia? But if you can, I’m going to be big like you someday.’ Such precocious behaviour may have bemused onlookers, but it was a prophecy Morissette would fulfil just 12 years later.

And a lot of times I’d be met with “Why are you calling me? When asked why she chose to be nude, Morissette spoke of her changing feelings towards her body.

‘Now, who I am inside determines how I feel about my body, instead of the other way around.’ Six years later at the 2004 Juno Awards, she again celebrated the freedom of nudity when she revealed a ‘nude’ bodysuit, complete with nipples and pubic hair, as a protest against US censorship after the Super Bowl ‘Nipplegate’ incident.

‘It’s shown up in various forms like eating disorders and not having boundaries around having sex as a young person,’ she told .

The album was released internationally by Madonna’s label, Maverick, on 13 June 1995 – 12 days after Morissette’s 21st birthday.

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