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‘If passed, these additional reforms will raise the long-run sustainable rate of growth of the Brazilian economy substantially.’ The recent signing of a free trade agreement between South American trading bloc Mercosur, of which Brazil is a leading member, and the European Union, is also expected to have a positive impact on many of the key sectors in the Brazilian economy, he added.Managers Sophie Bosch de Hood and Luis Carrillo said Bolsonaro’s wider reform agenda was ‘ambitious, requiring considerable political co-operation not yet in evidence’.He pointed out that Brazil’s economic growth over the medium and longer term was largely dependent on the extent of reforms to social security, taxation, labour markets and education, as well as continuation of its privatisation programme.Brazil’s far-right president Jair Bolsonaro was elected to office in October on the promise he would reform the country’s pension system, which had left it laden with debt. Last week, Brazil’s lower house of Congress approved a bill overhauling the pension system, promising to save 993 billion Brazilian reais (£194 billion).‘The macro picture in Brazil is still fairly weak, which means we focus on companies that can deliver above-average growth and demonstrate resilience in the face of a slower macro backdrop.’ The recent stability in interest rates benefited the trust’s 4.5% holding in IRB Brasil RE (IRBR3.SA), the largest reinsurance company in Latin America.As 3E Accounting aims to become an one-stop service provider for all professional services including areas such as, but not limited to, business set-up, accounting, advisory, taxation, virtual office, and legal services, having a new global accounting alliance member certainly helped to cater to their growing list of clients who wish to operate in Vietnam smoothly, efficiently and successfully.

Vietnam’s Economy Is an Emerging Market Standout, making it a popular place to do business.Though they were ‘cautiously optimistic’ about the approval of such reforms.‘The recent rate cut in July puts Brazil in the camp of emerging market countries easing to boost growth,’ they said.‘If the social security reforms obtain this final approval, the momentum will exist for the government to move on to the other reforms...with tax reform likely to be the priority,’ said Myles.

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Vietnam maintains diplomatic relations with 169 countries; signed bilateral and multilateral trade agreements with 80 countries; and exchanged most favored nation privileges with over 70 countries and territories, namely those with high capital, industrial resources, and large markets such as found in the US, Japan, EU and the newly industrialized economies of East Asia.

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