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Yield loss can occur, and control measures should be considered when reaches approximately 1% severity on the upper four leaves and the plant is in the vegetative stages until it reaches the R6 stage.An infestation on the upper leaves at R6 or later will not likely have a negative yield affect.The record yield was 6.3 million metric tons in 2017.Ukraine is estimating a large increase in wheat exports this year to 21 million metric tons versus 15.5 million metric tons last year. Ukraine is also estimating grain harvest up 2.9 million metric tons.The heat ratcheted up further after the President announced the U. will add 10% tariffs to 0 billion of Chinese imports starting September 1.

Most traders expect the USDA report to have a reduction in corn acres and an increase in soybean acres. The same disagreements remain, with no indication either government is willing to offer major concessions.

The best sunflower plant stage to treat is when the majority of plants are in the R5.1 growth stage.

Click here to read more about scouting for insects and the best treatments.

Rust is most often found on the lower under-side of leaves.

The pustules are cinnamon-red and readily recognizable.

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These tools are even more effective when used together. As sunflower fields begin to bloom, adults of red sunflower seed weevil (RSSW) will be emerging and will fly to the nearest flowering sunflowers.

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